“UFO Senshi Dai Apolon” Scores a Touchdown with 40th Anniversary Plans

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon, a mecha TV anime with an American football theme, is gearing up to celebrate its 40th anniversary with new toy lines and more. The series originally ran for 47 episodes on Tokyo Broadcasting System from April 06, 1976 – August 24, 1977.



The current plans include a line of special edition reproductions of the original Dai Apolon robot toys by Bullmark, in TV colors, gold, and black. These toys are 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) in height and retail for 20,000 yen ($170.50 US) plus tax. These toys will be available for pre-order on January 10, 2017, with the final product shipping in February of 2017.



A die-cast combining Dai Apolon toy is also being planned. This 20 centimeter (7.8 inch) tall toy allows hobbyists to combine the Header, Legger, and Trunk robots into the super robot, Dai Apolon. The toy will be made of ABS with magnesium joints for increased durability, and the first print run will include a UFO Fighter toy as a bonus. The price for this toy is still to-be-determined, and they’re currently aiming for a Summer 2017 release.






UFO Senshi Dai Apolon is directed by Tatsuo Ono and features animation by Eiken. The story follows a 16 year old boy named Takeshi who discovers he is secretly the heir to a vanquished alien empire. Takeshi acquires strange energy powers that allow him and his friends to pilot the Dai Apolon and oppose the evil General Dazaan, the destroyer of the Planet Apolon.



The official website for UFO Senshi Dai Apolon indicates that additional plans for the shows 40th anniversary are also in the works. What these plans entail will be revealed at a later date.



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