Two More Mysterious Residents Join the Cast of “ISLAND” TV Anime


Two more cast members have been announced for ISLAND, an upcoming TV anime based on the visual novel developed by Front Wing and published by Prototype about the residents of an enigmatic island that is isolated from mainland Japan by a mysterious disease. The new cast members include (from left to right):



  • Rina Sato as Kuon Ohara, the mother of main character Rinne Ohara. Kuon is the current head of the Ohara family after her husband died 5 years ago as a result of the mysterious illness that plagues Urashima. Kuon herself is currently suffering from the disease, and she spends most of her time isolated in her room.
  • And Takamasa Mogi as Tarou Harisu, the police officer for the island of Urashima. Although, he was born on Urashima, he went to college on the mainland and then returned to the island afterwards. Tarou has a mild personality and he is greatly trusted by the inhabitants of Urashima.



The story of ISLAND is set on Urashima, an island that has been cut off from the main land by the actions of its three ruling families and by a mysterious contagion. One day, a young man named Setsuna washes ashore. Setsuna has no memories except for his own name and his mission: he’s been sent from the future to save Urashima. With the help of the daughters of the three ruling families, Setsuna seeks to unravel the mysteries of Urashima.



The ISLAND TV is directed Keiichi Kawaguchi and features animation by feel.. ISLAND will broadcast on Japanese TV beginning in July of 2018.




Official ISLAND TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@island_fw)



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