Two Main Cast Visuals for “K-Lost Small World-” Stage Play Revealed

The official website for “K-Lost Small World,” the upcoming third stage play based on GoRA and GoHands’ K anime franchise, today posted visuals of its two main cast, Misaki Yata portrayed by 26-year-old Keisuke Ueda (Japan in Musical Hetalia Singin’ in the World) and Saruhiko Fushimi by 22-year-old Shintaro Anzai (Kuranosuke Shiraishi in The Prince of Tennis Musical). The first K stage play was performed in August 2014, then the second titled “K The Second Chapter -AROUSAL OF KING-” followed in August of the following year.


Both Ueda and Anzai played their characters in the first two plays as well, that covered the story of the TV anime first season. The third stage play focuses on the encounter between the two in their junior high school days and explains why they had to go separate ways. General sales of the advance tickets will begin this Sunday, June 26.



Main Visual


Original anime visual



Keisuke Ueda as Misaki Yata



Shintaro Anzai as Saruhiko Fushimi



7 minutes digest of the second play “AROUSAL OF KING” in August 2015


Source: press release


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