Two-Dimensional “Earth Defense Idol Project” Launched for Chinese Markets

Tokyo-based mobile game company Happy Elements, well known for their popular Ensemble Stars! and Idol Memories series, has launched a new project “Earth Defense Idol Project” (tentative name) featuring two-dimensional idol characters for China, Japan and other Chinese spoken markets. The project will include various multimedia content from a range of anime, music, radio, live events and much more.


In cooperation with Japanese talent agency Amuse and its Shanghai office, the project has already started accepting entries for the audition for female voice actress idols since yesterday, May 9, and it will be closed on June 11. Then the second and third screenings for acting, dancing and singing abilities will be held in Tokyo on June 24 and 25.


Participants for the audition must be from the ages of 15 to 30. Any nationality is welcomed, but speaking,

reading, and writing proficiency in Chinese is required. The successful candidates will be exempt to pay the

fee for the following lessons by experts in Tokyo. If you want to be a new Chinese virtual idol, please entry

the audition via this form now. 




Source: Happy Elements press release