‘Twine Sleep’ Earns ‘Best In Show’ At Wizard World Film Festival In Nashville

Twine SleepBelow are the winning entries at this past weekend’s Wizard World Film Festival at Nashville Comic Con.

Deadline for entries for the Film Festival at Austin Comic Con is Tuesday, Oct. 29. Click here for more details.

Image above is from “Twine Sleep,” selected as Best in Show.

BEST IN SHOW – “Twine Sleep

A mother, desperate to revive her son from his coma, hires a doctor who comes with a very peculiar method. This doctor, while socially awkward, seems a bit intrusive, leaving the mother to be a bit leery about her decision. Using a machine, the doctor enters into the coma to uncover the cause, and is met with his fair share of zany mishaps. The doctor discovers that the boy is in a loop, living out the last bit of his conscious existence in the coma. What seems to be an in and out operation, turns into a quirky yet thrilling quest for the doctor and the boy to make their escape from the ever-looping unconsciousness.


Sad Monster is a short film by Award Winning Creative Director Kurt Dettbarn based on the original song written and recorded by Kurt Dettbarn. The short film attempts to capture a moment in the life of Kurt’s 2 year old daughter as she outgrows the imaginary monster in her closet.


A little girl is awakened one morning by a magical Light. She pursues the Light until something darker and more mysterious catches her attention in an ominous forest. Faced with the decision between the Light and the darkness, she discovers the consequences of her choices while journeying through a strange and fantastical world.

SPIRIT OF COMIC CON – “Trustworthy

After a night full of seduction, alcohol, and sex, Ray wakes up to find an angry gangster at his door, a femme fatale in his bed, $200,000 cash, and a chance to walk away from it all a rich man.