TV Anime “Twin Angel Break” OP Song MV Streamed for April 2017 Launch

The official YouTube channel of the Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel anime franchise based on Sammy’s popular pachislot game series of the same name today started streaming a 90-second OP movie for the upcoming TV series Twin Angel Break. The video also announces the anime’s April 2017 premiere in Japan. 


The OP song “Lovette Jewelry♪ Angel Break!!” is performed by the two main voice actresses of the anime, M.A.O (Luluco in Space Patrol Luluco) as Meguru Amatsuki/Angel Rose and Ai Kayano (Meiko “Menma” Honma in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day) as Sumire Kisaragi/Angel Sapphire.


 TV anime “Twin Angel Break” OP movie



The anime franchise’s YouTube channel has also posted an OP movie and a new “special movie” for its

mysterious “???” project.


“Twin Angel Break” Project ??? theme song movie



Project ??? special movie



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 Source: “Twin Angel BREAK” official website, “Kaitou Tenshi Twin angel” official Twitter


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