TV Anime “First Love Monster” OP Song MV Performed by Shouta Aoi

28-year-old singer/voice actor Shouta Aoi has opened his official YouTube channel and posted a short version music video for his next 6th single “Innocent” to be released on July 27. The song will be used as the OP theme for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Akira Hiyoshimaru’s love comedy manga series Hatsukoi Monster/First Love Monster. The TV anime is set to premiere in Japan on July 2, and its recently-released PV also features the OP song.


As an anime voice actor, Aoi is best known as Mikaze Ai in the Uta no Prince-sama franchise and Daiki Tomii in Shonen Hollywood, and is set to voice Rui Minazuki in Tsukiuta. The Animation that is slated for the next month. As a singer, he performed the theme songs for Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu (2014), Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation (2016) and Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu (2016).



“Innocent” short MV




Artist photo



“Hatsukoi Monster” PV featuring the OP song


Source: Shouta Aoi official website, Twitter


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