TV Anime “Chobits” Blu-ray Box to be Released on December 25

A 4-disc Blu-ray box set of the 2002 TV anime Chobits based on CLAMP’s sci-fi love story manga of the same name is set for a release in Japan by NBC Universal Entertainment Japan at the price of 30,240 yen (about 247 US dollars) on December 25, 2015. In the US, FUNimation already released a Blu-ray set at 49.98 dollars (list price) in May of 2011, which is still available on Amazon Japan at 6,780 yen.  


The TV anime produced by Madhouse was aired in Japan for 26 episodes from April to September 2002. The Japanese Blu-ray set includes its main 24 episodes (three compilation episodes are omitted), a 32-page booklet, 11 postcards featuring the illustrations used for the previous DVD release, and a newly drawn box art by CLAMP.



Blu-ray box art by CLAMP



Source: Amazon Japan


(C)CLAMP,ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD., Kodansha/Chobits Production Committee