TV Anime Adaptation of Mitsuru Adachi’s Latest Baseball Manga MIX Set for April 2019

Four months after the initial announcement in August, Yomiuri TV opened the official website and Twitter for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Mitsuru Adachi’s ongoing high school baseball-themed manga MIX today, announcing the anime’s April 2019 premiere on its 29 affiliates across Japan. The newly revealed teaser visual features one of MIX‘s two protagonists, Touma Tachibana and its prequel manga Touch‘s protagonist Tatsuya Uesugi, both wearing Meisei High’s baseball uniform. 



MIX has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Gekkan Sunday since June 2012 and has released 13

tankobon volumes in Japan so far. According to the publisher, it has printed over 7.5 million copies and

has become one of the 67-year-old author’s most successful series. Its story is set 30 years after Touch,

his popular baseball manga in the 1980s, and features the two Tachibana brothers, Touma (pitcher) and

Souichiro (catcher) at the baseball club of the same Meisei High School.


Odahiro Watanabe (Tokyo Ghoul:re) serves as director, alongside series composition writer Atsuhiro

Tomioka (Pokémon series) and character designer Takao Maki (Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls). OLM

(Pokémon series, Zoids Wild) works on anime production.


Most importantly, 56-year-old Noriko Hidaka, who voiced the main heroine Minami Asakura in the Touch

anime series in the mid-1980s, is confirmed to make a voice appearance. Her role has not yet been revealed.



Manga tankobon 1st and 13th volume covers




Source: TV anime “MIX” official website / Twitter


© Mitsuru Adachi/Shogakukan