Tuesday Q&A: Nick Lowe

Tuesday Q&A: Nick Lowe

When you consider everything that’s amazing about Spider-Man’s world, don’t forget to include incoming Senior Editor Nick Lowe.

Give the man his due: not only does he have to ride herd on Spidey’s entire creative team and the wondrous wall-crawler himself, but also insure that the brand spankin’ new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 arrives exceeding expectations on April 30.

How does he manage it all, especially with Marvel.com guys bugging him for interviews? Well, in short, Lowe’s amazing, that’s how. Read along and see for yourself!

Marvel.com: Nick, what do you feel you’ll bring with you into Spider-Man’s universe from your time with the X-Men titles? 

Nick Lowe: Kissing. The hallmark of my tenure on the X-books will follow me here.

Marvel.com: Yep, absolutely not the answer we expected. So, really?

Nick Lowe: Seriously, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is one of the most successful books in the industry. They’ve been putting out two issues per month and they’re almost always in the top 10. The experience I’ll bring is when to get out of the way and not screw it up!

Marvel.com: What’s makes for the very best Spider-Man stories, in your opinion? And whatever that is, is it something that’s part of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s original vision?

Nick Lowe: It all goes back to Stan and Steve for sure. I’ve been rereading—and reading for the first time for a bunch of issues—AMAZING SPIDER-MAN from the beginning and falling in love with Spidey all over again. The key, as far as I can see, is high drama, tough choices, and laughs. Power and responsibility. Guilt. And hope and perseverance.

Marvel.com: In what way does writer Dan Slott most “get” this character? And how does he display that in the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1?

Nick Lowe: He hits the balance of the high drama and the funny. And he always brings the heart. In issue #1, you see Pete in a very different kind of tight spot than he’s ever been in and he runs at the tight spot with the trademark Spider-Man humor and hope.

Marvel.com: When you first got with Dan about the book, what was your direction for him on it?

Nick Lowe: They were knee deep in issue #1 when I came into the office, and even deeper in the Spider-Man publishing plan, so I just did my best to give a few notes that might help hone it, tighten it up and let it be all that it could be.

Marvel.com: Well, how would you describe the story segue from SUPERIOR to the new AMAZING? Can a new reader pick it up and dive right in?

Nick Lowe: I’d describe it as heart-wrenching. It’s a classic Marvel story. Being that everyone reading this knows that Peter Parker is coming back, we know the hero wins. But his journey to get there and the ending itself grounds it in such a Marvel way that shows you Spider-Man’s feet of clay!

Marvel.com: The character’s coming off a huge epic and even a controversial one to some; what more can you tell longtime readers about Peter’s return?

Nick Lowe: It only gets bigger and more epic! Peter is about to be put through the biggest wringer of his life. Seriously, there is barely time to breath; the stories Dan has are so huge and intense toward Peter.

Marvel.com: How does the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN team work? Do you talk plot with Dan and then he scripts? At what point is artist Humberto Ramos brought in?

Nick Lowe: Dan, Ellie Pyle—the associate editor on the book—and I pow-wow about the story in a general way. Dan then writes up and turns in the plot for the issue. We bounce it around, hone it, refine it and Dan makes it sing. Humberto takes it from there, makes it even better. Victor Olazaba and Edgar Delgado follow quickly behind with their magic and then Dan writes the script. Our legendary—read: old—letterer Chris Eliopoulos is the savior of the book, gluing it together and proving month after month why he’s the best letterer in the business.

Marvel.com: Can you pinpoint something that Humberto does with the Spider-Man universe that makes you most eager to see his pages come in? Any specific moment in #1 of his that’s your favorite?

Nick Lowe: Humberto captures Spider-Man’s energy and motion better than almost anyone. His Spider-Man is strong, but fluid and light. He moves! And the detail he does in the cities as Spider-Man swings through give me chills. Just when you think that’s all he can do he’ll hit you with a J. Jonah Jameson scene that is all character and mood! Those are my two favorite Humberto parts of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1: a Spidey swinging scene and a really tough Jameson scene!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 makes history on April 30!