Tsutomu Mizushima Teases New Project with Cryptic Tweets


Tsutomu Mizushima – director of such fan-favorite anime as SHIROBAKOGIRLS und PANZER, and The Lost Village – recently took to social media with a pair of Twitter posts that have set fans speculating about what his next project may be.



Translation: “Starting from tomorrow, it will most assuredly be a new battlefront. Definitely Operation Spring Awakening.”



Translation: “No, rather than Operation Spring Awakening, would it be more appropriate to call it The Lapland War?”


Operation Spring Awakening and The Lapland War both refer to failed campaigns by the German military in the closing years of World War II.


Tsutomu Mizushima Teases New Project with Cryptic Tweets


Some fans are speculating that these references to real life military campaigns might be a nod at a new GIRLS und PANZER project, although Mizushima may simply be using a war metaphor to describe the difficulties of anime production in general. Only time will tell…



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