“Tsugumomo” TV Anime Adaptation Confirms April 2017 Premiere

The official website and Twitter for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Yoshikazu Hamada’s supernatural romantic comedy manga Tsugumomo open today, posting a teaser visual featuring its five main characters: Kazuya Kagami, Kiriha, Chisato Chikaishi, Kukuri, and Kokuyoh. The anime version visual is based on the cover of the renewal edition of the manga’s 1st volume. The site also confirms that the TV anime is set for an April 2017 premiere in Japan. 


TV anime teaser visual


Manga 1st volume renewal edition cover


Manga 1st volume original edition cover



The manga author Hamada posted his comment for the TV anime project:


Thanks to your support for the TV anime adaptation! Because it is a self-centered work that I have

drawn for nine years mainly to please myself, I have rarely expected this kind of big expansion. So

I have nothing but appreciations for the people who have promoted it. I’ll work hard on my original

manga series not to lose to the anime.”




Source: “Tsugumomo” TV anime official website, Twitter


© Yoshikazu Hamada, Futabasha/Tsugumomo Production Committee

© Yoshikazu Hamada/Futabasha