Trailer Prepares For Viz “Sailor Moon S” Blu-ray/DVD Release

With the holidays around the corner, it’s the time of year for those big home video releases, and Viz is doing their part with the first set of Sailor Moon S, due on Blu-ray/DVD November 15th with episodes 90-108 of the Kunihiko Ikuhara directed entry in the classic magical girl anime series.


Viz’s new English dub introduces Erica Mendez as Sailor Uranus, Lauren Landa as Sailor Neptune, Christine Marie Cabanos as Sailor Saturn and Keith Silverstein as Professor Tomoe.  


Sarah Lafleur, Barbara Radecki and Jennifer Gould voiced the Senshi in the season’s previous localization.


Sailor Moon S Part 1 Limited Edition contains episodes 90-108 plus a chipboard box with premium printing, booklet, filler box (for part 2).

The groundbreaking third season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon S, available uncut for the very first time on Blu-ray.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Retail Price: $79.99

Store Price: $62.99

Release Date: 11/15/2016

Trailer Prepares For Viz Trailer Prepares For Viz

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