Tomokazu Sugita Confirmed to Join “KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-“

The official website for KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-, the second film from the KING OF PRISM anime franchise, announced today that Tomokazu Sugita is cast as a new character for the film, George Takadanobaba. The 36-year-voice actor is best known as Kyon in the Haruhi Suzumiya series and Gintoki Sakata in Gintama


George Takadanobaba is a member of idol unit The Shuffle! that belongs to Schwarz Rose, a rival organization to Over The Rainbow’s Edel Rose. The character is called as “The Greatest Idol” in the story, and has become a rising star along with other four members of the unit, Ken Okachimachi, Kokoro Gotanda, Mondo Uguisudani, and Mitsuba Kanda (their family names are taken from the famous place names in Tokyo). 


The 59-minute first film KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm was released in Japan on January 9, 2016,

and reportedly earned over 800 million yen from its domestic run. The second film KING OF PRISM

-PRIDE the HERO- is set for a release on June 10, 2017.



George Takadanobaba


Tomokazu Suguita

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“KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-” new teaser


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