Tokyo Skytree Town to Host Ken Akamatsu Exhibition “I Long to See That Girl”

Fans of Negima, Love Hina, and other Ken Akamatsu works may want to have a look in on Tokyo Skytree Town this spring, as Akamatsu will be hosting an upcoming exhibition featuring art, merch, and more. The exhibition will be serving as an inaugural event for the premiere of his next anime, UQ HOLDER!, which takes place in the Negima universe.



The exhibition, which boasts the theme “I Long to See That Girl,” will take place during the second half of March in Tokyo Skytree Town. It will feature art from past works like Negima, Love Hina, and A.I. Love You. And those looking forward to the UQ HOLDER! ~Mahou Sensei Negima 2~ anime will be able to see an exclusive piece of art from the upcoming adaptation before anyone else.


A special corner will feature items from Akamatsu’s office, such as his old computers. And a goods shop on site will sell themed merch and reproductions of his art.


The exhibition will run from March 18-26. Tickets are 1,200 yen in advance or 1,400 yen at the door; special tickets that come with memorial goods are available for 3,200 yen in advance or 3,400 yen at the door.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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