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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – 11:34

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NEW YORK – November 15, 2016 – As news breaks, more viewers once again turn to NBC News’ TODAY.  For the week of the 2016 presidential election, TODAY topped ABC’s “Good Morning America” by +25,000 in total viewers and by +400,000 in the key demo. Nearly 7 million viewers tuned in to TODAY Wednesday morning marking the program’s biggest single-day total viewer delivery since the Royal Wedding (April 29, 2011). TODAY topped GMA by a giant +431,000 total viewers on Wednesday and delivered nearly 3 million A25-54 viewers, its best demo delivery since May 25, 2011. 

TODAY has now won the key demo for more than 14 consecutive months.  Excluding Olympics dates, TODAY delivered its biggest A25-54 audience since the week of March 31, 2014 and its widest margin over GMA since the week of February 13, 2012.  Season to date, TODAY is posting its largest A25-54 and A18-49 advantages over GMA and its closest total viewer margin in five years.

*Please note: As of 12/28/15, Nielsen national ratings are based on an expanded sample known as “NPX,” which effectively doubles the size of the Nielsen panel through a combination of additional meters and HHs. While NPX is now the official currency of record, all data pre-12/28/15 remains based on the old sample — so year-to-year and other comparisons are versus pre-NPX data.  



Net HH
TODAY 3.69 13 5,151 1.25 1,601 1.74 2,091
CBS THIS MORNING 2.93 10 4,099 0.69 888 1.04 1,249
GOOD MORNING AMERICA 3.71 13 5,126 1.00 1,284 1.41 1,691

TODAY ranked #1 among total viewers, averaging 5.151 million to lead GMA by +25,000 (+0.5%) and CBS This Morning by +1.052 million (+26%)

  •  TODAY had its biggest non-Olympic total viewer delivery since the week of 3/2/2015
  •  This was TODAY’s first non-Olympics impact win over GMA since the week of 3/21/2016 as well as its widest total viewer margin over CBS in nine weeks
  •  TODAY posted the biggest total viewer gain vs. prior week (+18%, or +772,000) and had a 209,000 viewer turnaround in its gap over GMA (+25,000 vs. -184,000 prior week)
  •  Compared to the same week last season, TODAY added +367,000 total viewers (+8%) and experienced a 210,000 viewer turnaround in its advantage over GMA (+25,000 vs. -185,000 last year)

On Wednesday morning following the 2016 Presidential Election, TODAY ranked #1 across-the-board

  •  TODAY averaged 6.983 million total viewers, (biggest single-day audience since the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011); 2.914 million A25-54 viewers (best A25-54 delivery since May 25, 2011); and 2.293 million A18-49 viewers (best A18-49 delivery since 5/2/2011, Monday following the Royal Wedding)
  •  TODAY led GMA by +431,000 total viewers (best single-day non-Olympics since 3/22/2016), +691,000 A25-54 viewers (best non-Olympics since 2/6/2012), and +526,000 A18-49 viewers (best non-Olympics since 11/17/2015)

For the week, TODAY averaged 2.091 million A25-54 viewers, outperforming GMA by +400,000 (+24%) and CBS This Morning by +842,000 (+67%)

  •  TODAY has ranked #1 among A25-54 viewers for 46 consecutive weeks and 62 of the last 63 weeks
  •  Excluding Olympics dates, TODAY delivered its biggest A25-54 audience since the week of 3/31/2014 and its widest margin over GMA since the week of 2/13/2012
  •  This was also TODAY’s best non-Olympics demo margin over CBS since the week of 1/18/2016
  •  TODAY delivered the biggest A25-54 growth among the morning shows versus prior week (+338,000, or +19%) and the same week last season (+296,000, or +16%)
  •  Versus prior week, TODAY demo margin over GMA was up 68% (+400,000 vs. +238,000 prior week).  Compared to the same week last season, TODAY’s advantage was up 190% (+400,000 vs. +138,000 last year)
  •  TODAY has now won 109 consecutive broadcasts in A25-54, dating back to June 10, 2016
  •  TODAY delivered a 1.74 A25-54 rating, +0.33 points ahead of GMA and +0.70 points more than CBS

TODAY averaged 1.601 million A18-49 viewers, +317,000 (+25%) more than GMA and +713,000 (+80%) higher than CBS

  •  Excluding Olympics, TODAY posted its biggest A18-49 audience since the week of 11/24/2014 (Thanksgiving Week) and its best advantage over GMA since the week of 11/16/2015
  •  TODAY saw the biggest A18-49 increases versus both prior week (+270,000, or +20%) and prior year (+266,000, or +20%)
  •  TODAY’s 1.25 A18-49 rating led GMA by +0.25 points and CBS by +0.56 points


  •  TODAY is posting its largest A25-54 and A18-49 advantages over GMA and its closest total viewer margin in five years
  •  TODAY has more than doubled its A25-54 lead over GMA versus last year (+249,000 vs. +99,000 last year)


TODAY reached more consumers than GMA on Yahoo with over 33.8 million unique visitors turning to TODAY.com in October for exclusive interviews and the latest lifestyle, parenting and entertainment news, according to recent data from comScore. For 34 consecutive months (43 out of the last 44), Today.com has reached more mobile consumers than GMA on Yahoo.

Today.com mobile unique visitors have grown +12% over the last 12 months while GMA on Yahoo declined -30% for the same period. Today.com has gone from parity in mobile unique visitors in September 2013 to over 4.3x GMA on Yahoo’s mobile visitor number in October 2016.