“Time Bokan 24” TV Anime Sequel featuring Three Villains Set for October 2017

The official Japanese website for Tatsunoko Production’s 55th anniversary TV anime series Time Bokan 24 announced today on August 5 that its highly anticipated second season titled Time Bokan: Gyakushu no Sanakunin (The Three Villains’ Counterattack) is set for premiere in October 2017. All of the main voice cast and staff from the first season, including director Takayuki Inagaki and mechanical designer Kunio Okawara, are confirmed to return.


The first season Time Bokan 24, the latest installment of the company’s long-running time travel-themed Time Bokan franchise started in 1975, was aired for 24 episodes from October 2016 to March 2017. And it is also available to Crunchyroll members in USA, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Central and South America including the Caribbean.  


As the title suggests, instead of the first season’s protagonist duo Tokio (CV: Akihisa Wakayama) and

Karen (Akari Kitou), the story centers on the three members of the Akudama Trio: Bimajo (Eri Kitamura),

Tsubuyakky (Hiroaki Hirata), and Suzukky (Kenta Miyake), who receive a mission from their mysterious

employer Oyadarma to get the Dynamond owned by famous people in the history. Tokio and Karen also

join the story in some form.



“Time Bokan: Gyakushu no Sanakunin” title logo



Source: Eiga.com


(C) Tatsunoko Production/Yomiuri TV