Ande Parks Interviews Tim Seeley about CHAOS at Comic Vine! It’s the return of the Chaos universe at Dynamite! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chaos and the 10th anniversary of Dynamite, the Chaos universe is coming to Dynamite Entertainment in the form of a six issue mini-series written by none-other than Tim Seeley. Writer Ande Parks interviewed Seeley about this series and how the book came to be. ANDE PARKS: Okay… I have to open with a confession. I have not read the Chaos characters before. That either makes me a perfect interviewer for this issue, or a lousy one. Forgive me if it’s the latter. That said, I thought your first issue did a great job re-introducing the characters and setting things in motion. It must have been quite a chore, getting everyone in play so efficiently. Can you talk about that process? How do you balance bringing new readers along vs. satisfying long-term fans? TIM SEELEY: Ha, well, you’re not the only modern comic creator who didn’t read the CHAOS! books back in the day. I think most people who work in the industry now were reading Vertigo comics when Chaos! debuted. I was one of those weirdos reading both. AP: Did you come to this book as a long-time fan of this set of characters? TS: I did. …Read More Here