THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG Cast Visuals for “B-Project” Stage Play Revealed

The official website for “B-PROJECT on STAGE ‘OVER the WAVE!’,” the upcoming stage play based on the multimedia project B-Project featuring fictional male idol characters today revealed the cast visuals of two of its four idol groups, THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG.


Takanori Nishikawa, who performs as T.M.Revolution, has served as executive producer for the project since September 2015. Utako Yukihiro (Uta no Prince-sama manga illustrator) designs the characters and costumes, and Chiyomaru Shikura (Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes) provides the original story and also heads the planning. Its TV anime series animated by A-1 Pictures was aired for 12 episodes from July to September of 2016 and has been available on Crunchyroll.


The project features four idol groups: two-member Kitakore (Ryuji Korekuni, Tomohisa Kitakado), three-member THRIVE (Goshi Kaneshiro, Yuta Ashu, Kento Aizome), four-member KiLLER KiNG (Yuzuki

Teramitsu, Haruhi Teramitsu, Akane Fudo, Miroku Shingari), and  five-member MooNs (Kazuna Masunaga,

Momotaro Onzai, Hikaru Osari, Tatsuhiro Nome, Mikado Sekimura). The cast visuals of the other two groups

will be revealed later.


The stage play will be performed at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo 15 times from July 28 to August 6.

Then live concerts by the cast will be held at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on August 16 and 17. General sale

of the advance tickets will begin on June 24.




Goshi Kaneshiro (Yuta Kishimoto), Yuta Ashu (Reo Mitani), Kento Aizome (Tomu Fujita)


Character illustration




Yuzuki Teramitsu (Shoichiro Oomi), Haruhi Teramitsu (Ryo Takizawa), Akane Fudo (Shunya Ohira),

Miroku Shingari (Shota kawakami)


Character illustration



Source: Marvelous press release


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