Three New Maidens Join the Ranks of “Toji no Miko”


The sword-wielding shrine maidens of Toji no Miko have a new key visual to celebrate their upcoming series — and three new girls joining their ranks! The upcoming anime, about girls trained to fight supernatural threats competing in an annual tournament, already has an impressive roster. Check out the most recent three to rank up:


Yukari Origami: The chief of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Swordsman Bureau. Twenty years ago, she led the charge against an otherworldly threat, and her powers have not diminished. Even now, she is considered the strongest swordswoman in the department.


Kaoru Mashiko: 15 years old. A cold, reticent young woman, she’s quite difficult to deal with.


Ellen Kohagura: A cheery, innocent 15-year-old with a Japanese father and an American mother.



Toji no Miko is currently in production, with series composition by Tatsuya Takahashi (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Eromanga Sensei). Koudai Kakimoto (Cyborg 009 Call of Justice) is on board as director, with character designs by Shizuma Yoshinori (KanColle) and animation by Studio Gokumi (Kinmoza).

Source: MoCa-News, Anime! Anime!




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