This Pikachu Charge Bank Is Being Recalled For Generating Too Much Heat

If you purchased one of the Pikachu charging banks from The Pokemon Company, you might be dealing with an issue with your bank, particularly the fact that while using it the batteries may be becoming hot and generating smoke. That’s a surefire sign you don’t want to use it anymore, no matter how cute the bank is!


The Pokemon Company has issued a statement on the banks, including both the ones with Pikachu on them and the regular Poke Ball patterns, advising users to stop using the devices and return them to Pokemon Center and Pokemon Stores or by using a special form to return them.


If you ended up buying one of the devices overseas it’s not clear at this time whether or not you’re covered, but if you did buy one for the $25, you might just want to discard the battery pack and buy a different brand. It’s a lot safer than being injured!


[via RocketNews24]


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