The Walking Dead/Game of Thrones Character Comparisons

How would Negan fare in Westeros? How would Rick do on The Wall? And what kind of holy hell would Daenarys reek at The Hilltop? Because a solid majority of The Walking Dead fans also love Game of Thrones we decided to make character comparisons based on your suggestions! See them all below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Rick Grimes/Jon Snow


Despite their differences Rick and Jon are both leaders who have gone through hell and back and made it on the other side stronger than ever. Their level-headedness inspires those they lead and if anyone’s going to help their people survive the undead, it’s them.

Maggie Greene/Daenerys Targaryen


Both Maggie and Dany are strong women who lost loved ones and currently have plans to take over a community ruled by a monster. Like Khaleesi, Maggie converts her pain into motivation and is now more determined than ever to get what she wants. She may not have emerged out of a fire with three baby dragons, but she does have a hand for counsel (Jesus) and a man who’s obsessed with her but she’ll never love (Dante in the comics).

Negan/Euron Greyjoy


Just because you’re slaughtering your enemies doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it! Negan and Euron are both ruthless leaders who actually find pleasure in brutality. They openly boast about their conquests, are grossly charming, have insane one-liners, and don leather jackets. Their sadistic natures causes others to fear them, and they can easily overthrow or destroy a community that gets in their way.

Carl Grimes/Arya Stark


Several of our fans wanted us to pair Arya with Carol, which is apt due to dual personalities of sweet and ruthless. However, it made more sense to us to match her with Carl, who also was forced to be brave, violent, and skilled with a weapon at a very young age. The children of powerful fathers, Carl and Arya both try to carve out their own role in the world and in their journey become more prepared than their parents.

Michonne/Brienne of Tarth


Good call, Emily. Michonne and Brienne are both stronger and more fierce than their male counterparts. They’re not here to play damsel in distress. Plus, Brienne’s squire Podrick is just as useful as a chained-up walker without arms.

Daryl Dixon/The Hound


Daryl and The Hound are both no-nonsense tough guys that can seemingly never get brought down. As much as they’re fueled by rage and revenge they also have soft spot for those they love. We would also be remiss to mention they have a contentious relationship with their brothers. I mean, if you count your brother trying to kill you contentious.

Eugene/Samwell Tarly


Eugene and Sam have a knack for resourcefulness. Although they’ve proven their worth in battle, their minds end up being the real weapons – Sam with the knowledge he gains and employs at The Citadel and Eugene with the knowledge he uses to help at The Sanctuary. Sure, Sam would probably never side with say, the Lannister’s like Eugene did with The Saviors, but their mix of social ineptitude and charm make them seem like brothers.

The Governor/Ramsay Bolton


The Governor and Ramsay Bolton would enjoy each other’s company if they didn’t try to kill each other first. Savage by nature, neither villain has a ceiling on their brutality. Their ruthless behavior spreads fear among their inferiors, which helps them attract sizable armies.



Dwight discovered his own inner Reek after getting caught escaping from Negan. Like Theon, Dwight was tortured and deformed for his actions and it wasn’t until recently he began discovering his own independence. Although Dwight remains at The Sanctuary, he’s now playing both sides so he can usurp Negan and live his own life.



Every great leader needs even greater counsel. Tyrion has mostly been that for his queen as Jesus has been that for Maggie. Both men come from eclectic backgrounds that inform their decisions.

Glenn Rhee/Oberyn Martell


Fine, we only did this because their heads both burst like watermelons when they died. If only Oberyn had a dumpster around. Sorry we’re not sorry.

Hershel/Ned Stark


Hershel and Ned were both family men who used tough love to raise their children with an edge. They also met the same fate with their heads getting chopped off. Both men’s children used their father’s death to motivate them for revenge.



We’re adding this one ourselves because the parallels are so obvious. For those of you not caught up on the comics, Dante is a resident of Alexandria who FAWNS over Maggie despite her perpetually denying him. This sort of stiff arm tactic also happens to Jorah Mormont, who’s helplessly in love with Daenerys. Like Jorah, Dante is sent on missions by his love so she seemingly doesn’t have to be around him. He may not have grey scale, but having to leave to trail Negan probably makes him feel like he does.

Walkers/White Walkers


Here’s the biggest no-brainer of them all. Walkers = White Walkers….OR DO THEY? We’ll counter this by saying the White Walkers are actually more like The Whisperers, who in the comics are a massive group of savages dressed in walker skin carrying weapons. Sound familiar? As threatening as walkers are what’s more threatening are walkers who are organized and armed.

There you have it! What do you think of these comparisons? Tell us in the comments and feel free to add any we missed!