The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

“The Bridge”

Rick visits Negan in his cell to boast about how great life without him is going. “Things are really taking shape,” Rick narrates as we see him at a camp in the woods (it’s been a month since Gregory’s hanging). A MASH-styled sign in the center points to Alexandria, Sanctuary, Oceanside, and…Toledo. Rick follows a sign that says “The Future,” where he looks out at the bridge getting rebuilt. “We’re making a new beginning,” he says.

At the camp, Ezekiel explains to Henry how vital the bridge will be in connecting the communities. Carol hands Henry his stick, kisses him goodbye, and tells Ezekiel she’s headed back to the Sanctuary. Rick plans a detonation with Rosita and Eugene, who informs him about some Saviors who keep going missing. Rick checks in on Enid, who’s getting trained by Siddiq.

Michonne arrives at Hilltop to tell Maggie the Saviors DID send them ethanol, despite them not receiving it. She surmises the convoy got attacked and that the Hilltop should send them supplies in return until they figure it out. Jesus confirms they have a surplus of food but Maggie counters that without a working plow it may not last long. Michonne suggests they let Earl out to repair it but Maggie scoffs and says she’s fine with waiting for the fuel to show up from Sanctuary.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

While working on the bridge, Aaron shares baby Gracie stories with Daryl and tells him someday he’ll make a great dad. Suddenly, Justin shoves Henry down for not giving him extra water. Henry stick swipes his legs and when Justin gets up to retaliate Daryl stops him and says the kid’s just doing his job. Justin swings at him and Daryl punches him in the face.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

Rick shows up to break it off and takes Daryl aside to his tent to cool down. He reminds him they need the Saviors to help build the bridge before more of them walk off. Daryl counters by saying the Saviors won’t fall in line just because he says so. Rick explains that he wants everyone to be on the same side, and Daryl questions if they actually are, before leaving. Carol advises Rick to talk to him once he’s cooled off.

Back at Hilltop, Tammy begs Jesus to see Earl but he says the time isn’t right, reminding her he tried to kill Maggie. Tammy grabs a stool and says she’s not moving until Maggie allows her to see him. Michonne overhears and tells Jesus to consider talking to Maggie about it, but he says it’s not her concern. Michonne disagrees and proposes they build something bigger than all of them.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

At the camp, Anne laments to Father Gabriel that no one trusts her except him and Rick. She strokes his hand to thank him for staying on her side. At Hilltop, Jesus tells Maggie that they should consider implementing official rules to handle situations like Earl, Negan, and Gregory. She agrees and allows Tammy to talk to Earl in the pen, and later visits him herself to discuss his history of being a drunk.

Elsewhere, Tara radios Rick from a giant crane to update him on the walker distraction plan. Alden informs Rick that none of the AWOL Saviors made it back to Sanctuary and the others are worried. Tara radios again that the second siren didn’t go off and the herd is coming. On cue, the walkers arrive at the labor site and in the commotion a giant log rolls onto Aaron’s arm, crushing it. Daryl yells to his people to lift the log while he double-knives the walkers around him. They lift the log but Aaron’s arm is crushed. Daryl carries Aaron to the camp as Rick and his group arrive to hold off the walkers. Rick shoots the log pile, which crushes the remaining walkers.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

Daryl rushes Aaron to the infirmary and Enid quickly decides they need to amputate. Aaron pleads for them not to as Daryl ties the tourniquet. Enid amputates his arm, causing Daryl to angrily confront Justin on why the second siren wasn’t sounded. Justin claims the radio wasn’t charged and Daryl leaps at him, punching him repeatedly. Carol begs for him to stop as the rest of the camp stands around watching. Daryl lets up, but it’s clear tension between the groups have reached a boiling point.

Maggie tells Michonne she’s open to creating common laws, explaining her father used to drink and also deserved a second chance. That night, Justin tells Rick to “keep your dog on a leash,” referring to Daryl. Rick tells him he dealt with people like him all the time when he was a cop, and he better pack his stuff and leave by morning. Justin scoffs and agrees, muttering he didn’t want to be here in the first place. Rick then visits Aaron to apologize and Aaron says he’s happy to see him rebuild the world.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 2: Recap & Discussion

Anne asks Father Gabriel who the woman she drew for him was, and he says she was his organist that he loved and lost. He kisses Anne despite the fact he’s supposed to be on watch. Back at the camp, Carol asks Ezekiel to have his ring to try on for a while, even though she’s not saying yes.

We’re back to Negan’s cell, Rick finishes narrating his story, telling him, “No matter what happens, it’s human nature to come together.” Negan responds that it’s a really pretty picture and asks when he can see it. “Never,” Rick says, as he reminds him he’ll die here. Negan tells him some day it will all go to shit and that he’s not saving the world, he’s just getting it ready for him. Elsewhere, Anne spots the helicopter from the crane. Nearby, Justin sees someone he recognizes in the woods. He asks what they’re doing out here until they tackle him to the ground.

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