The Walking Dead Season 7 Power Rankings: Week Thirteen

This week’s Walking Dead was so monumental we expanded our Power Rankings by TWO SPOTS! You can probably guess who those two spots belong to, but study where we placed them and how it affected the other characters in our Week Thirteen Walking Dead Power Rankings.

1. Negan


Negan and his Saviors have been riding high for a while. Of course, we have to place Negan at the top of our Power Rankings again because people bend to his lean. BUT, beware of the communities under his thumb plotting against him. No one’s on top forever.

2. Simon


Last time we saw Simon he warned Rick if he finds Daryl shit will Cut to the preview for this week’s episode where Simon and the goon squad arrive at The Hilltop where Daryl AND Maggie are hiding (ohhhh Jesus). We can’t spoil what happens but we CAN promise if you like Simon, you’ll love the episode.

3. Rick


Rick holds more power than anyone not named Negan or Simon. He barters with other groups, bridges communities, and had a track record of defeating oppressive communities. If you had to pick an item to take with you on a deserted island you would probably pick Rick.

4. Ezekiel


It only took the death of two of his most loyal followers and a pep talk from Carol for Ezekiel to get woke on the fact he needs to go to war with the Saviors. Groundbreaking! We wish it hadn’t taken you this long but better late than never, right?

5. Maggie


Like Daryl, Maggie has to pretend to be invisible when the Saviors are around. After Father Gabriel tipped Negan off on her (fake) death she’s had to live in perpetual paranoia that the Sauron-like eye of the Saviors will locate and kill her. So what will happen to her when they arrive at the Hilltop’s doorstep in this week’s episode? Well, we’re not going to tell you.

6. Jadis


Jadis is like that sister-in-law you hate but need her on your side against the in-laws you REALLY hate. Rick NEEDS the Scavengers in the same way if he wants a prayer at defeating Negan and The Saviors.

7. Michonne


Michonne proved in last week’s episode she’s 1) still a badass 2) isn’t above eating MRE’s, and 3) would literally die for Rick. All three qualities combined give her great standing in our power rankings.

8. Dwight


Dwight’s like the guy that got dumped but got back together with his girlfriend anyway, even though he knows it’s wrong. Damn it, Dwight!

9. Eugene


In a La La Land/Moonlight-esque shocking turn of events Eugene found his way into Negan’s good graces and has so far lived to tell the tale. His standing with the Saviors seems to be solid, but knowing how Negan can turn on his own in a second should give you room to worry.

10. Daryl


Now the preview for next week’s episode is out we can discuss Daryl hiding out at The Hilltop, which doesn’t look to be going well. As we mentioned before he and Maggie have to be INVISIBLE when the Saviors are around. Will they maintain their anonymity or get captured by the Saviors and forced to listen to the Kidz Bop version of Easy Street backwards while scarfing down fish food? You’ll have to wait and see!


11. Carol (NEW)


This week allowed us to FINALLY add Carol into our power rankings. (We would have added her sooner but crocheting yarn flowers in a cottage doesn’t give you a ton of power). What REALLY earned her a spot on the list was her convincing Ezekiel to FINALLY go to war with the Saviors. OK sure, Ben’s death and Morgan’s attack helped too but if anyone was going to nudge him off the ledge it was Carol.

12. Jesus


We haven’t seen Jesus in a minute but his power to bridge the communities together will definitely come in handy in the upcoming war.

13. Father Gabriel (-2)


Sorry Gabe, no disrespect here, we just had to add Carol and recognize Jesus’ importance in the impending battle.

14. Morgan (NEW)


This week Morgan flew off the wagon and into our power rankings. After witnessing his protege get accidentally set up and murdered over a melon he went 0-Clear REAL quick. As insane as killing Richard seemed, he was actually following Richard’s plan to let the Saviors know they get it. Love him or hate him, Morgan’s back to his crazy self and as a reactor pointed out in our latest compilation, that unhinged version of him could probably take out the Saviors on his own.

15. Gregory (-2)


It’s almost become a joke that Gregory is perpetually at the bottom of our power rankings, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? (I had An AP Art History teacher once that loved to joke, “If it ain’t BAROQUE don’t fix it.” Gotta appreciate post-Renaissance art idiom jokes). ANYway, maybe look for a change in Gregory’s standing next week…maybe.

On the Bubble: Sasha, Rosita, Tara.

How do YOU about our Walking Dead power rankings following this week’s episode? Who do you predict will have the biggest jump or drop next episode? Tell us in the comments!