The Walking Dead Season 7 Power Rankings: Week Ten

710powerThis week we were introduced to a new community, got a Daryl/Carol reunion, and a junkyard gladiator battle to boot! So how did power shift? We adjusted our character power rankings below:

1. Negan


Negan may not have been in this episode but he still controls these communities like Cesar Millan with 20 dogs on a walk. Thanks to the trailer for next week’s episode you can get excited about his impending return.

2. Simon


Simon made his presence known last episode when he promised Rick vengeance if Daryl’s ever found. Now that Daryl’s on his own Simon holds all the cards.

3. Rick


Wow, Rick will literally do anything to maintain his leader persona. He saved Gabriel, shoved his hand through a f***ing spike to kill a gladiator walker, struck a deal with a new community, and gifted Michonne with a cat figure when it was all said and done. If Negan (and Simon) didn’t run sh*t, Rick would be flying high at the top of our rankings.

4. Maggie


Although Maggie wasn’t seen this episode we can only surmise she’s cooking up something good against The Saviors at The Hilltop. Rick’s going to need her leadership if he wants to take on The Saviors.

5. Ezekiel


Hey Ezekiel, how’s that whole, “Let’s leave the Saviors alone” bit going? It seems like every time he and his people meet them for an exchange something horrible happens. Until Ezekiel changes his mind and takes a stand against the Saviors we’re keeping him here.

6. Jadis (NEW)


Climbing up the charts faster than a new Beyonce song is the new Walking Dead community leader, Jadis! With a haircut that could kill, Jadis commands a junkyard community called The Scavengers. Amused by Rick’s confidence, Jadis literally throws him into a gladiator ring with a zombie straight out of Pimp My Walker. Thanks to Michonne, Rick defeats it and an impressed Jadis strikes a deal with her new “allies.” Because of these trials and leadership, Jadis deserves a top spot in our rankings.

7. Michonne


Michonne was super clutch this episode. Having to watch her bae almost get spike-tackled to death, Michonne quickly ordered Rick to bury the monstrosity with the trash mound around him. It worked, and as a reward Rick gave her a cat statue made of garbage. Ah, apocalyptic romance.

8. Daryl (+1)


Daryl speaks! Does anyone honestly remember the last time he formed a complete sentence? Well, he did this episode and made sure to remind us priority number one of his post-slave life: FIND CAROL. He had to beat the living hell out of Richard to do so, but he accomplished his goal. We’re disappointed he didn’t fill her in about Glenn and Abe, but she was crying by a cabin fireplace. You can’t give bad news to someone crying by a fireplace! ANYway, the no-nonsense crossbow-wielding Dixon brother is finally BACK.

9. Dwight (-2)


Oh boy, Dwight. As unfair as it is to judge someone based on a trailer for the subsequent episode, we have to, bro. Based on the clip below, it seems pretty obvious you might be in deeeeeeeeep sh*t for letting Daryl go on your watch. Whether it was your fault or not, we know Negan has a penchant for discipline and this can only end badly if he finds out.

10. Jesus (-1)


Jesus is only losing a spot because he wasn’t in this episode. Since he IS still the glue that holds most of these communities together, we’re keeping him here.

11. Father Gabriel (NEW)


You know what? After discovering a new community, holding a member of said community at knife-point, and helping convince them to join their fight, Father Gabriel deserves to be in the power rankings. Sorry Rosita, but you’ve been a huge drag lately and no longer have much power. Gabriel’s been quietly developing over the last two seasons and it’s about time he received the recognition.

12. Carl (-1)


Sigh, Carl showed so much potential in 707 when he went full Rambo (never go full Rambo) at The Sanctuary. Since then he’s been dead quiet, so hence he’s nearly dead last in our rankings.

13. Gregory (-1)


No one from The Hilltop showed up in this episode, but then again Gregory doesn’t show up for anything. WE’RE ONLY KEEPING YOU HERE FOR YOUR TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP ROLL, GREGORY! (No offense Xander, we think you’re dope).

On the Bubble: Father Gabriel, Carol, Morgan.

NOTE: Rosita was removed from the rankings for defying her friends and hurting the group. Although she was a badass bomb-defuser last episode, she’s been too rogue lately to have any substantial power. Sorry dude :/

How do YOU feel these characters should be ranked? Did we get it right? Discuss with us in the comments!