The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: Recap & Discussion

“The Other Side”

The battle against The Saviors is coming, but some of our survivors are more anxious to fire the first shots than others. While Maggie trains The Hilltop community how to fight, Sasha, Rosita, and Jesus secretly plan their assassination attempt on Negan. Later, Jesus tells Maggie about his backstory, which INCLUDES him having boyfriends! Shortly after, Jesus gifts Sasha some bullets and pleads with her to speak with Maggie before she goes.


The Saviors make an unexpected visit to The Hilltop, causing Maggie and Daryl to scramble into the cellar to hide. Gregory nervously welcomes Simon, who informs Gregory there’s someone he has that Negan wants (Daryl). Simon then grabs Dr. Carson, who he has to break the news to that his brother passed. To make up for stealing their doctor, Simon offers Gregory a crate of Aspirin. Gregory begs Simon not to take their doctor because it’ll start a coup. Simon denies his request but encourages him to talk to him if someone DOES plan an uprising.


Meanwhile, Daryl and Maggie avoid an encounter with a Savior who inches VERY close to them in the cellar. As the Saviors prepare to leave, Simon makes Gregory look good by claiming they worked out an agreement over Dr. Carson. Elsewhere, Rosita and Sasha execute an elaborate scheme to steal a car in dangerous territory.


Daryl, who’s still tormented from his Hilltop internment, has a heart-to-heart with Maggie and apologizes for essentially letting Glenn die. Maggie generously absolves him and they share a much-needed moment of catharsis. “Help me win,” Maggie tells him.


Sasha and Rosita settle into an abandoned building adjacent to The Sanctuary and wait to make their next move. Rosita opens up about her life at the beginning of the apocalypse, when she was disrespected by the men she stayed with and how she used them for sex. She explains how Abraham was different and respected her for holding her own. Sasha tells her she was happy with him, too and they both (finally) exchange condolences while affirming their friendship. Shortly after they notice Dr. Carson arrive at The Sanctuary. Negan’s in their sights but they can’t get a clean shot. New plan time!


Back at The Hilltop Gregory meets with Jesus, who challenges him on his staged deal with Simon. Daryl walks in and questions Jesus on Sasha and Rosita’s whereabouts. SPEAKING OF Sasha and Rosita go full guerilla warfare outside of The Sanctuary, gunning down Saviors in their path. They maneuver their way to the fence and attempt to break Eugene out. He refuses and cowers back inside. Sasha sneaks in The Sanctuary, leaving Rosita stranded on the other side. Sasha makes her way inside as Rosita’s forced to escape the grounds. She stops to catch her breath when she notices someone staring at her close by.

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