The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12: Recap & Discussion

Say Yes

Rick and Michonne, who are on a mission to gather guns and ammo for the Scavengers, arrive at a walker-infested outdoor carnival that they believe hold the supplies they need. They quickly discover a room full of supplies, where they set up camp and discuss how they’ll live their lives after Negan’s gone. Elsewhere, the always optimistic and chipper Rosita comes up empty-handed on a supply run and returns home to blame Father Gabriel. Cool.



The next day, Rick and Michonne separate and take out the walkers one by one. Their plan to block the fence gap with the car is foiled when the brakes fail and their car is suddenly surrounded by walkers. They escape out the sun roof but are surrounded again so they separate again. They thin out more of the herd until Rick spots a deer by the Ferris wheel (he owes one to Michonne after surrendering one to Negan earlier in the season).


Trying to get the deer Rick loses his footing and Michonne runs over to help, when suddenly she THINKS she spots the walkers devouring Rick (they’re actually devouring the deer). She drops her katana in disbelief but thankfully witnesses Rick emerge safely from an enclosure. He tosses her the katana and together they go full super saiyan and take out the remaining walkers. Afterwards, they gather a healthy supply of guns and return to the junkyard.


Jadis inspects Rick and Michonne’s guns but declares they’re STILL not enough for her people. Rick scoffs and takes some back for his people to search for more. Later at Alexandria, Tara tells Rick about Rosita’s mission to take out Negan. Meanwhile, Rosita arrives at The Hilltop to recruit Sasha on her mission. She agrees and Rosita hands her a sniper she lifted from the junkyard. Sasha agrees, so long as she gets to take the shot. They both agree on the plan, and that it’s a one way ticket for them both.


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