The Walking Dead SDCC 2017 Merch Now Available!

Couldn’t make it to this year’s San Diego Comic Con? Well throw your worries of a bridge because we’re putting our Walking Dead and Skybound merch on our store! Below we listed what’s available along with the link you can get them!

Exclusive Shiva Force Figures


We’ll start off with these Walking Dead Shiva Force figures from McFarlane. They’re San Diego Comic Con exclusives and we only have a limited number left, so make sure you get the REGULAR one, BLOODY one, or both!

Lucille Merch ($100)


Get your hands on our latest Lucille bat – now with blood!


One of our customers at Comic Con told us he was a Prosecutor who was going to use our Lucille pen to send people to jail. That’s a powerful pen! Make sure to get yours for only $10!


Forget Jared, go to for a Lucille necklace! ($40)


Wondering what you could match with your new Lucille necklace? Look no further than our Lucille earrings! ($40)

Walking Dead Shirts


Get ready for the All Out War storyline in the show by getting the shirt from the comics! ($20)


Get the awesome Charlie Adlard Walking Dead graphic from our SDCC booth on a shirt! ($25)

Faction Pins


The Walking Dead factions have now been turned into pins! Collect them all, from Kingdom to Hilltop to Saviors to Survivors.

Ezekiel Socks


Finally, finish your order in style with these Ezekiel-themed socks!

Which San Diego Comic-Con merch are YOU going to pick up? Tell us in the comments!