The Walking Dead Episode 709… in Gifs

The Walking Dead is back *cue rejoicing* and with it comes a new batch of gifs to recap this latest episode! With the help of the Cooler TV app we’ve complied some of our favorite takes. Join the Beta today and add your thoughts. We might just use them in a future post!

Welcome baaaack

Dealing with your political relatives at the holidays

Michonne has the BEST side eye

Kingdom, the Renn Faire called they want their armor back

and that was like a huuuuuge deal for me

She has the best dialogue on the show

Jerry is the best you guys!


Poor puppy.

*cues Salt & Peppa*

Atlanta Drift

Do not fuck with Coral

What’ve you got left?

Has Rick actually lost it? Will Daryl actually stay put? What’s the deal with Morgan? Tune in next week and maybe we’ll find out! In the meantime, sign up for the Cooler Beta and start gifing! You might see your creations in a future post.