The Walking Dead Comic Power Rankings: Issues #163 & #164

Since the last two issues of The Walking Dead have seemed like a two-parter (and they both got released in February) our power rankings will combine the issues! So, now that the walkers are here which characters stepped up and which fell flat? We rank them based on their power standings below:

1. Rick


No one likes neighbors – especially when there’s a thousand of them and they’re all trying to digest you Santa Clarita Diet style. Rick had his hands, well, hand full in these when a giant herd of walkers descended on Alexandria. Not as nimble as he was during All Out War, Rick has to be saved by NEGAN of all people. Despite this and his heart-to-heart with him, he still holds the most power of anyone else.

2. Maggie


Maggie may have lost The Hilltop but she’s still calling the shots for her people. After returning to the chaos in Alexandria Maggie decides to assist Michonne and Jesus in driving the walkers away. YAS Maggie, glad to see you’re still in charge!

3. Andrea (+3)


Andrea proved her worth again in these issues by bypassing Rick’s plea to not get involved and instead shepherd walkers away thanks to her badass horn. VROOOOO! Hear that? That’s the sound of zombie herding…and victory.


4. Dwight (+1)


As amazing as Andrea’s Tolkien-esque horn is, she still needs help literally thinning the herd. Thankfully, that’s where Dwight comes in. he does’t have time to listen to new ideas, he needs the walkers out of Alexandria NOW. “Shoot your gun, taunt them with human meat-filled cronuts, do SOMETHING so we can get the f**k out of here!” – Paraphrased quote from Dwight.

5. William (-1)


Ok, so William hasn’t been in the last few issues (that’s OK). BUT, he’s still in charge of The Kingdom and that power alone can’t be ignored. So, here he is.

6. Negan (+5)


After spending months at the bottom of the power rankings we’re finally comfortable catapulting the sociopath atop our list. Sure, he’s slaughtered a Ford F150-sized load of our favorite characters and should never be trusted, BUT he saved Rick’s life more than once and appears to be…changed? With all these zombie herding going around, is it possible he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or has he really turned another leaf? Time will tell, but his alliance with Rick helped increase his power ranking stock.

7. Sherry (-1)


If Sherry was a Pokemon fan we’re guessing her favorite move would be Bide. Get it? Because she’s waiting for her moment? ANYWAY, she actually IS playing the long con, but based on next month’s cover it looks like she and The Saviors are finally ready to emerge from the shadows to possibly take over.

8. Carl


Despite being absent from the attack in the past few issues, Carl found his wings and did his best Bill Pullman impression to rally the troops into joining the fight. He’s not a kid anymore and he won’t let Maggie tell him what to do. And with Rick looking more deteriorated than ever it looks like Carl’s cajones-showing came at the perfect time. Also, smooth move with making your Independence Day speech next to Lydia. She’s going to wish she never left you, bro.


9. Michonne (+1)


Damn it, Michonne – why do you have to be such a badass? Surrounded by literally hundreds of walkers, Michonne went full hold my f***ing drink, hopped off her horse, and took matters into her own hands. Shuck, shink, slash! Onomatopoeia is fun, as is Michonne slicing up walkers like Salt Bae. Not only that, but she caught Maggie and Carl up on the chaos and offered to help steer the walkers away from Alexandria. What a pal.

10. Eugene (-1)


We’re really loving Eugene’s bravado recently. He’s been clutch in retrieving supplies, diverting walkers, and STAYING AWAKE throughout it all! As value as an asset as he’s become, one has to wonder what will come of Saddiq discovering his radio correspondence secret. Yikes!

11. Jesus (-1)


Jesus and Michonne make a great pair – even though Michonne’s more ballsy. Just look at how reluctant Jesus looks here, he’s like, “Are we really voluntarily jumping off our horses into a herd of walkers?” You bet your ass we are…now get chopping.

12. Siddiq (NEW)


You know….Siddiq’s been pretty important in the continuous war against the Whisperers, walkers, and shaving. AND he found Eugene’s secret radio, which could prove to be useful to Rick and the others. Hence, we’re adding him to the list!

Notable Losses: Beta
On the Bubble: Heath, Aaron, Magna

What do YOU think of our walker attack power rankings?? Do you agree with the order? Let us know in the comments below!