The Walking Dead Comic Power Rankings: Issue #170

In an issue where our characters are widely dispersed we still got a check in with most of their stories. Below we switched up the rankings to reflect which characters hold the most and least power by the end of this issue.

1. Rick


Rick was only in this issue for a moment but he made it clear to Jesus that Dwight must be watched following their feud last issue. Unfortunately for Rick, Jesus doesn’t plan on seeing that through for as long as he would like. With the communities dispersed this could spell major trouble for Rick.

2. Maggie


Maggie became slightly more powerful in this issue when Kingdom leader William donated a generous amount of supplied to her Hilltop rebuild efforts. With her as

3. Michonne (+1)


The road crew is lucky to have Michonne and her veteran leadership with them on the journey. She can lead them past danger, quell their childish excitement, and hopefully broker peace between Siddiq and Eugene. If anyone’s going to guide them through external and internal struggles, it’s Michonne.

4. Carl (-1)


We’re only moving Carl down because Michonne is currently in a more powerful position. Judging by the #172 cover though, it’s possible Carl could move up.

5. Eugene


Since Eugene’s the reason everyone’s on this journey we are happy to keep him right in the middle of our rankings. As we mentioned before it seems like Eugene will have to deal with Siddiq and his Rosita drama if he really wants to end up meeting Stephanie. His face at the end of the issue said it all, and maybe this sort of revelation will push him beyond his breaking point.

6. Dwight


Just when we thought Rick put him in his place Dwight is still more bitter than ever. Still reeling from Sherry’s death, Dwight compared Rick to Negan and claimed he should have gone further than threaten him. With Jesus possibly leaving for The Hilltop Dwight might be a danger to everyone.

7. Magna (+2)


It’s great to see more of Magna in this issue. She proved to be a no-nonsense badass who doesn’t have time for scrubs like Siddiq to screw up his look-out duties. She’s just trying to hook up!

8. Jesus (-1)


Damn it, Jesus. We know you and Aaron are in love and your hair is ‘rad’ but you can’t just assume 4 days without a Dwight incident is enough to leave him alone. Ignoring Rick’s orders and going to The Hilltop is a guaranteed recipe for trouble, especially with the community so scattered.

9. Yumiko (NEW)


We’re adding Yumiko to the list because she’ll be an important part of the journey to Ohio. However, we’re keeping her low on the list because despite being a badass she seems a little too wide-eyed and excited for this serious trip. It IS nice to have levity, though.

10. Negan


Watching Negan trek through the wilderness alone to mourn Lucille (the bat) seemed like a genuinely sad moment. He really WAS attached to that bat (and his wife it was named after). However, it IS Negan we’re talking about. Perhaps he’s completely aware he’s being followed and wants to draw Dante out. Or maybe he IS genuinely sad and wants to find a life of his own. Either way, he’s bereft of power and is therefore at the bottom of our rankings.

Out of the Rankings: John. If and when he returns with his Saviors we’ll consider him adding him back on, but until then he’s gone.

On the Bubble: William, Siddiq, & Aaron

What do YOU think of our power rankings after this issue? Let us know in the comments below!