The Walking Dead Comic Power Rankings: Issue #168

Now that you’ve had time to (mostly) recover from #167 we are BACK with more Walking Dead character power rankings!

1. Rick


Rick may be sulking in the dirt but he’s still by far the most powerful man in the apocalypse. Discouraged? Yes. Defeated? No. If Alexandria’s going to have any hope to thrive again, they will need their fearless leader.

2. Maggie


We haven’t heard much from Maggie in the past few issues but she still holds control of the Hilltop residents. Knowing her, she won’t let their community die off for nothing.

3. Carl


With Andrea gone Carl has more power than ever. Rick will need a confidant and Carl might fit the bill. Is it time for Carl to step up?

4. Michonne


If last issue was any indication then Michonne’s also in the running to be Rick’s new #2. That position carries so much power and responsibility it would make Uncle Ben blush.

5. Dwight (+1)


Dwight has somewhat surprisingly remained loyal to Rick despite knowing he killed his ex-wife Sherry. Maybe its the fact Rick, too, lost a loved one or maybe they haven’t had time to flesh it out, but either way its good to see Dwight stand up for Rick when the Saviors came knocking. If they’re able to put the incident behind them Dwight could rise the ranks quickly.

6. John (+1)


John made his first big move as new Savior leader when he rejected Negan’s compromise deal. Even though Negan was set on changing his ways, severing ties with their once abusive leader might be the smartest thing The Saviors have ever done.

7. Negan (-2)


Despite what the cover of this issue suggested, Negan no longer has control over the Saviors and that’s why we’re moving him down our rankings. Sure, it was a long shot to convince them to work amicably with Rick but the fact he’s lost his hold on them, which gives Negan less and less power.

8. Jesus


Jesus hasn’t been doing much other than crying over Andrea’s death so until he’s back to roundhouse-kicking the undead, we’re keeping him here.

9. Eugene (+1)


Eugene only rose up the rankings because we took William out. Look for him to make a bigger impact in upcoming issues.

10. Lydia (NEW)


We’re adding Lydia to the list because she’s a huge part of Carl’s life, and if Carl’s ready to step up then she’ll be all the more important.

Off the list: William, Siddiq. William hasn’t been seen in ages and Siddiq hasn’t accomplished anything monumental so until they show up they’re off the rankings.

On the Bubble: Magna, Aaron

What do YOU think of our power rankings following Issue #168? Let us know in the comments below.