The Walking Dead Comic Power Rankings: Issue #166

The Walking Dead Issue #166 escalated quickly, especially for Rick. He accidentally murdered Sherry in self-defense and learned the love of his life isn’t far from death herself. The events that took place forever altered our character power rankings; here’s our updated list:

1. Rick


Everything’s about to change for Rick. After accidentally murdering Sherry ‘Million Dollar Baby’-style and witnessing Andrea collapse from a roamer bite, Rick may have reached his tragedy limit. Everything’s up in the air for Rick right now, including his place atop our Power Rankings.

2. Maggie (+2)


Maggie wasn’t included in this issue but still holds a significant amount of power in the survivor community. Although the Hilltop is lost, the trust of those people in her is not.

3. Negan (+2)


Is Negan really a reformed man desperately seeking Rick’s approval OR is he up to something? Suspicions aside, Negan’s done nothing in recent memory to prove he CAN’T be trusted. His role-reversal was accentuated this issue when we literally saw him and the Saviors planted on opposite sides of each other. However, with Sherry now gone will he be tempted to re-gain control of his former community?

4. Dwight (+2)


Dwight nearly let his emotions get the best of him this issue when he flirted with pulling the trigger on his ex-wife Sherry. Thankfully, Rick broke it up so he could chat and accidentally kill her himself *Maui voice* “You’re welcome!” Despite Dwight’s temptation, Sherry’s accidental demise is sure to send the communities in a tailspin. The question is, will Dwight remain loyal with Rick when he discovers the truth?

5. Carl (+3)


Carl looks more and more like Rick each day. After rallying the troops, Carl finally sliced his way to Alexandria and reunited with Rick. With Sherry gone and Andrea probably on her way out, Rick might soon need Carl more than ever.

6. Michonne (+3)


We didn’t see Michonne in this issue but we know she’s out there continuing to divert roamers, so we’ll keep moving her up.

7. John (NEW)


We can’t say who will lead the Saviors now that Sherry’s gone, but SOMEONE needs to take her spot (in the rankings) and it appears John’s poised to do just that. Sherry consistently kept John’s spontaneous actions in line, so with her gone who’s to say how unhinged he’ll behave.

8. Jesus (+2)


Jesus has remained a loyal soldier through this conflict and deserves a bump up in our rankings.

9. Andrea (-7)


Things are not looking up for one of our longest-tenured Walking Dead characters. After getting bitten by a roamer last issue, Andrea miraculously made her way back to Rick only to collapse in his arms. If he loses her for good, will Rick have the strength to continue on as Alexandria’s fearless leader?

10. William (-3)


We haven’t seen William in a hot minute so we’re dropping him way down until he and the Kingdom fighters play a larger role.

11. Eugene


As great as Eugene’s been recently he DID help cause Andrea to get bit…so we’re keeping him in the same spot he was. However, his standing (or lack there of) with the Ohio community could prove to be useful down the line.

12. Siddiq


Despite getting called out by Negan for his cowardice, Siddiq has uncovered some potentially important information tied to Eugene’s radio correspondence. We’re not sure what will come of it, but it’s powerful enough intel to keep him on the list.

Notable Loss: Sherry finally stepped up this issue and we were excited to move her up in our rankings UNTIL her spontaneous fight with Rick led to her untimely death. RIP Sherry.

On the Bubble: Magna, Lydia, Aaron

What do YOU think of our latest comic power rankings? Do you agree with the order? Let us know in the comments below.