The Walking Dead Comic Power Rankings: Issue #165

The Walking Dead Issue #165 had an explosive ending and we’re here to make sense out of it. And by making sense we mean re-ranking the major characters by how much power they hold. Believe us, it helps put things into perspective. Check out our new TWD comic power rankings below and tell us in the comments if you agree with the list.

1. Rick


Rick and Negan should really just get a room already. After bro-ing out and saving each other’s lives, it looks like Rick finally has the second most powerful man in The Walking Dead on his side. What could possibly go wrong?

2. Andrea (+1)


We can’t comment on whether or not Andrea’s pain-in-the-neck injury is as serious as it appears, BUT she has stepped up recently in the comic and our power rankings. Leading the walkers to their watery death and saving Eugene was huge, but at what cost?

3. Maggie (-1)


Maggie’s shown a lot of consistent leadership, but since Andrea’s been even MORE instrumental we’re knocking her down a peg. Sorry, Mags!

4. Sherry (+3)


After essentially stalking Rick’s group for the past few issues Sherry and the goon squad FINALLY decided to pull the trigger with making moves on The Survivors. It ended with Dwight getting captured, and although we can’t say whether her bold move will pay off or not, Sherry seems to hold all the cards.

5. Negan (+1)


Negan’s been steadily rising in our power rankings due to his recent influence on Rick. After their bro-to-bro talk Negan seems to have finally gained SOME of Rick’s trust, because why else would Rick save his life? Does Negan have ulterior motives or does he genuinely believe he can work side by side with Rick? History’s screaming at us to consider the latter, but with Negan ANYthing can happen.

6. Dwight (-2)


Despite his recent successes as one of Rick’s trusted leaders, Dwight’s found himself in a BIT of a pinch. His ex-wife Sherry and the goon squad snatched him up, which can only lead to horrible things. So, will Sherry have him killed? Will she use him as a bargaining chip with Rick? Time will tell but for now his vulnerability forces us to knock him down a spot.

7. William (-2)


As chaotic as the walker invasion of Alexandria has been one has to wonder, “Where’s William?” Sure, Andrea’s cliff plan has been mostly a success, but it suuure would be clutch for Kingdom leader William to pull a Two Towers Gandalf and show up at the last second to save the day. But until William starts doing more Two Towers Gandalf things (like dressing in all white and practicing staff magic) we have to humble him a bit.

8. Carl


We love that Carl’s stepped up recently but he didn’t do anything particularly different from last issue, so we’re keeping him at this spot.

9. Michonne


Michonne’s level-headedness and decision to stay put until sh*t hit the fan helped her from not getting HER neck wounded.

10. Jesus (+1)


Jesus did more questioning than fighting this issue but he’s still essential to the cause and worthy of this spot.

11. Eugene (-1)


Damn it, Eugene! Look, we appreciate how brave he was in essentially sacrificing himself so that Andrea, Magna, and the others could survive. BUT, his heroics were tempered by the fact it led to Andrea getting hurt! His bravado may have led to the death of a major character and that is NOT OK.

12. Siddiq


Siddiq made a HUGE breakthrough this issue when he briefly spoke with the woman on the other side of Eugene’s radio. HOWEVER, surprising a stranger on a radio and possibly breaking up the trust she may have had for Eugene may not bode well for their community…

On the Bubble: Magna, Lydia, Aaron

What do YOU think of our latest comic power rankings? Do you agree with the order? Let us know in the comments below.