The Top 14 Craziest Moments From Walking Dead Season 7

From gladiator walkers to suicide missions to tigers, Season 7 of The Walking Dead was packed of crazy moments. We, thanks in part to your Twitter suggestions, compiled a list of the Top 14 craziest moments of the season below:

14. Eugene’s “I Am Negan” Declaration


Eugene’s 180-degree transformation into a Savior came to a head in the season finale when he faced Rick and announced, “I am Negan.” It was a staunch turn from the last time Rick saw him, when he was cowering between sobs as Negan hauled him away. This pronouncement was the last straw for Rick, who then tried to blow Eugene and his new gang up.

13. Dwight’s About-Face


Comic fans saw his turn coming a mile away, but since the timing differed from the source material Dwight’s allegiance shift was still a shock.

12. Morgan’s Clear Return


It was only a matter of time before Morgan’s peaceful resistance got uprooted by his desire to CLEAR again. After discovering the fates of Glenn and Abraham and witnessing his protege Benjamin’s senseless death, Morgan went zero-to-CLEAR REAL quick. He strangled Richard to death, accidentally referred to Benjamin as Duane, and quickly began losing his mind again. Thankfully, Carol helped CLEAR him of some of his demons and convinced him to join them in the battle against the Saviors.

11. Negan’s Justice


It’s no surprise a guy nicknamed “Rapey Dave” didn’t last that long in Negan’s house. Negan may seem crazy, but he does abide by some moral compass. And that compass was tested when one of his own attempted so rape Sasha. Obviously, we know how that turned out.

10. Rick & Michonne’s Mow-Down


As the old saying goes, “The couple that mass-slaughters the undead together, stays together.” Sticking to that tradition, Rick and Michonne mowed down a Coachella-sized group of walkers in the Mid-Season premiere in one of the best stunts in the series.

9. Benjamin’s Demise


As we mentioned in our Winners/Losers of Season 7 post, being the moral compass in The Walking Dead is as safe of a job as a blood-covered shark handler. This rule applied to Benjamin, as he was needlessly killed during a Savior supply drop that Richard intentionally botched. Sigh, there goes another good one.

8. Daryl’s Escape


After suffering through dog food sandwiches, Easy Street loops, and uncomfortable slave sweaters, Daryl finally made his dramatic escape from the Sanctuary. Although he needed Sherry to help free him, it was all Daryl once he was out. His first order of business? Grab clothes and a motorcycle. Second order? Beat Fat Joey to death while a pipe. Check and check. Daryl’s escape led him to The Hilltop, where he had an emotional reunion with his friends.

7. Carl’s Sanctuary Attack


Carl followed the Season 7 trend of poorly-thought out suicide missions and infiltrated The Sanctuary in an attempt to kill Negan. Although he DID take out a couple of Saviors, his “Kill Negan” mission turned into a bring-a-kid-to-work day that literally ended in a spaghetti dinner. Despite this, Carl proved he more than capable of taking things into his own hands to protect his community.

6. Jadis’ Betrayal


Wait, those people who live in trash and talk like trash did a trashy thing? YUP. Despite those signs, Rick and his crew foolishly trusted Jadis and were nearly killed for it. This move set in motion the epic battle that played out during the season finale.

5. Spencer’s Gutting


Snitches may get stitches, but whiney little b*tches get gutted in a street. Spencer’s attempt to cozy up to Negan while Rick was out doing actual work backfired in the worst/best way possible: Negan viewed his stunt as cowardly and spilled Spencer’s guts in front of everyone. ADDING to that insane moment, Rosita shot a hole through Lucille, prompting a Savior to kill Olivia and take Eugene hostage! Nice going, Spence.

4. Rick’s Gladiator Battle


To gain the trust of the garbage pail kids, Rick had to battle the most badass-looking walker of the series. Enter Winslow, an undead creature booby-trapped with spikes, knives, and a cornucopia of germs that Rick had to battle gladiator-style in a garbage fighting ring. Aside from a gruesome hand injury, Rick bested the beast and “earned the respect” of a group who eventually screwed him and his people over.

3. Sasha’s Suicide


This season Sasha added her name to the growing list of characters that deemed it wise to carry out a kill Negan suicide mission. After Eugene misinterprets her and gifts her a poison pill, Sasha’s forced to improvise and sacrifice herself in the hopes it’ll also sacrifice Negan. Although Negan ended up surviving, her plan set in motion the events leading to All Out War. However you want to view her decision, undead Sasha emerging from the coffin was one of the most shocking moments of the season.

2. Shiva’s Attack


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all on The Walking Dead a f***ing tiger leaps out of nowhere and saves the day. Ezekiel’s right hand girl Shiva pounced on a Savior JUST in time to save Carl from getting Lucille’d. To us, it was one of the most badass moments of the entire series.

1. Glenn & Abraham’s Deaths


We’d love to stir up controversy by placing the gruesome season premiere lower than #1, but Glenn and Abe’s deaths WERE the craziest moments from Season 7! Although it came on the tail end of a cliff-hanger where we knew one or two characters would bite it, their brutal murders were insane to see played out on screen. This inciting incident ignited the events of the rest of the season and led to Rick declaring war against The Saviors.

What was the craziest Season 7 moment for you? Tell us in the comments.