“The Times They Are A-Changin'”

The year ahead will be one of the most interesting yet… 

I’ve decided to return to a solo type set up with regards to art directing at Mirror. I’m closing submissions for the time being. And I’ll be working on some of the most amazing ideas to date.

So… yes, I am returning to being a solo publisher. My former partner is no longer a part of the equation. Whilst this was difficult and there are more responsibilities on my shoulders, there is more time and more control, and this makes me hopeful for the road ahead.

Submissions are now closed. I would like to thank everyone who submitted to Mirror in the last 4 to 5 years. In some cases things just clicked, in others not so much, but I remain overwhelmed at the number of writers and artists who wished to work with us. It has been a humbling experience. Moving forward I can definitely offer feedback, but I am no longer green lighting projects per se. 

In 5 short years Mirror has launched about a  dozen comic book industry careers, worked on over 30 books, and collaborated on the promotion of a couple of films, this on over a dozen titles. It’s been an impressive little jaunt. In the year ahead I will be hard at work in the studio and visiting as many shows as time allows. I will be releasing a book based on a short film by a friend, and there may be a few other surprises, including a possible foray into web comics – but we’ll have to see how that pans out. 

I usually keep announcements under wraps up until the last minute, but as the year ahead will be a hunker down and work hard year vs. a release-heavy year, I thought I’d mention this now, during the last days of 2014, in anticipation of Mirror’s 5th year, and give you the heads up. You’ll see a little less of me, but that actually means that I’m working even harder.

PS in the meantime, I plan on releasing my personal essay ‘Why I Love Comics’ on Facebook – something that is long overdue, and I’ll see about writing more tutorials and personal essays on comics. So if you see a minor shake-up at Mirror, do not be alarmed, as it is just a sign of progress as Mirror moves into the halfway mark of its first decade. Business goes on even though some things have changed.

As for other plans, I am hoping to have the new online store up by the end of January. I will be drawing some fan art for sale at shows. And, as ever, I’ll be hard at work in my studio developing the best comics that I can imagine / dream up. Thank you for your support in 2014, and here’s to an art-intensive 2015. The first five years at Mirror have been extremely exciting, here’s to the next five, may they be better in every way.

Very best, Dominic, Mirror Comics, Canada. 🙂