“The Royale Tutor” Cast Dances To End Theme Music Video

The five leads of The Royal Tutor are busy. In addition to voicing their roles in the anime, Keisuke Ueda (Heine Wittgenstein), Yuya Asato (Kai von Granzreich), Yuto Adachi (Bruno von Granzreich), Daisuke Hirose (Leonhard von Granzreich), and Shouta Aoi (Licht von Granzreich), they’re starring in a stage music, and they’re singing end theme “Prince Night~Doko ni Itanosa!? MY PRINCESS~” as the unit P4 with T.  


Preparing for the June 21st release of the single and June 30th release of the first Blu-ray, a preview of the music video has been posted (the full version will actually be bundled with the latter)….






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