The MAD Surrealism of “Belong” by Meishi Smile

Musician and Maltine Records scenester Meishi Smile has delivered an unsettling ode to horror and pop culture with his creepy new music video “Belong”, which is inspired by Music Anime Douga scene. The song doubles as the title track from Meishi Smile’s latest album, which is on sale now. Watch below!



Meishi Smile provided the following statement for us regarding the clip…


The video “Belong” is a surrealist animated look into the horrors of pop culture, posing an idea of duality and the projection of emotions on the malleable presence of pop art and human nature. “Belong” was directed by Japanese animator Yuka Maeda in her debut music video, utilizing the popular Nico Nico Douga style of MAD to serve as a basis to directly reference popular American & Japanese media, as well as the metaphysical deconstruction of the Meishi Smile project.


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