The Long Dark Review Roundup

THE LONG DARK has just been released in an awesome physical edition from Skybound Games and Hinterland Studios! We’ve already given you five reasons fans of THE WALKING DEAD will love THE LONG DARK but today we’ve got even more reason for you to give the game a shot. Below we’ve compiled some of the best THE LONG DARK reviews from around the internet. Check them out, get hyped and go order your copy of the physical release of THE LONG DARK today!!

Wired – The Long Dark: A Game Tailored for the Age of Climate Anxiety

“Lush and mesmerizing, its visual style seems heavily influenced by impressionist painting, exaggerated just enough to capture the drama of the wilderness” “Hinterland Games has built a pocket of imagined nature that you can inhabit and manipulate but that you can never conquer, nor prevent it from conquering you.”

RockPaperShotgun – The Long Dark is the Survival Genre at its Brutal Best

The Long Dark Review Roundup

“A game which has singlehandedly convinced me that the survival genre has a bright future.” “The sandbox evokes realism rather than mystery, but the occasional musical cues and the weirdness of the emptied world and its brilliant night skies do create a haunting atmosphere.”

Game Informer – The Long Dark: Surviving A Brutal Winter

The Long Dark Review Roundup

“With its stellar survival mechanics, The Long Dark makes for a brutal experience that requires patience and micromanaging to fully appreciate.”

PSX Extreme – The Long Dark Review

The Long Dark Review Roundup

“The Long Dark has something going here that on the surface seems pretty simple but is actually quite deep.” “A satisfying experience of survival that is both realistic and has good game mechanics.”

Destructoid – The Long Dark: Winter is Here

The Long Dark Review Roundup

“You wander around taking in breathtaking landscapes, softly falling snow, and the aurora borealis overhead, while listening to the atmospheric soundtrack behind it all, until suddenly your vision goes blurry and you’re breathing heavily, and you remember that you’re supposed to be trying to live.” “The beginning tutorial is not only helpful but also feels realistic and intuitive.”

Push Square- The Long Dark Review

The Long Dark Review Roundup

“The Long Dark is a strong survival title, possibly even the strongest of the entire genre.”

If you’re ready to enter the world of THE LONG DARK, hurry on over to the Skybound Shop and order your copy today! Let us know your favorite parts of the game in the comments!

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