The Latest “Sailor Moon” Wallet and Accessory Collection Is Elegant Enough For All Occasions

There have been several Sailor Moon accessories released over the course of the year, but not many of them as functional as the leather goods we’ve seen. The latest is the Luna Leather Collection, a set of items with very understated designs complete with adorable cat ears.


The collection is made up of four pieces and ranges in price from $176 to less pricier options. The pieces include wallets and ID cases all embossed with the Sailor Guardians’ planetary symbols, a crescent moon, and shiny black leather.


Preorders are available right now via Premium Bandai, and the items will be sent out in January 2016, just in time for you to nab one, and surprise a loved one with a Sailor Moon-related holiday gift.






[via Rocket News 24]


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