“The Hiragana Times” Gets “Kemono Friends” To Teach Japanese In Latest Issue

 Kemono Friends hero

The Hiragana Times is a familiar sight to those that have lived in Japan and are making the effort to learn the language, or those that live outside of Japan and want an easy way to ease into the language. The general interest magazine was started in 1986 in order to ease foreign visitors and travelers into Japanese life with language lessons interspersed in translated articles about the arts, culture and current events going on in Japan. 


The forthcoming issue of the magazine is no exception, as it features articles on the World Press Photography Exhibition, and an article on the “World’s Largest Idol Event”. However, the only mention of the Friends themselves is found on the online page for the issue, where an audio sample details the “New Expressions and Buzzwords” language lesson. Luckily, copies of the issue have also leaked early in Japan, with an image of the language lesson plain for all to see and are found below


Kemono Friends language lesson


via Otakomu