The Dex

Alex Faciane and PokéKellz are the main creative force and hosts behind The Dex, a long-running informative YouTube channel all about Pokémon, from biology and anthropology to kooky conspiracy theories! Inspired by the likes of Bill Nye and Alton Brown, The Dex is a family-friendly take on Pokémon trivia and battle strategy that’s enjoyed all over the world.

Alex Faciane is a writer, host, journalist, and comedian who’s worked everywhere from MatPat’s Game Theory to MySpace. He also currently appears as a co-host on Super Beard Bros, Scary Game Squad, Multiplayer Mayhem, The Star Wars New Canon Bookclub, and the Chilluminati Paranormal Podcast, and writes and produces for The Completionist and Defend It! for ThatOneVideoGamer. He also appears as “Ronik” in the video game boss-driven boyband Big Bad Bosses on their album Power Overwhelming, with music and lyrics by Jake Kaufman, the
composer of Shovel Knight and OK K.O.

Kellz is a practicing registered veterinary technician at VCA Animal Hospital in Los Angeles by
day. She’s also a seasoned improv comedian with 10 years of performing experience at ComedySportz Los Angeles and she’s done extensive principal character voiceover work all across the Internet, from the hit show Smosh Babies to the Kickstarter-funded cartoon series
Obituary: A Grave Beginning, animated by Studio Yotta.

Check out their Youtube here.