The Darkness #116 Out Next Week!

The Darkness #116 Out Next Week!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

The Darkness #116 Cover
Is this the end of Jackie Estacado?

Everything in David Hine and Jeremy Haun’s epic run of The Darkness has been building up to this! With the Doppelganger in control of Jackie’s business and personal lives, does our mobster antihero stand any chance at saving his family – and himself? Or will Hope’s nanny be the one to save the day? And what’s with Hope and her Adventures Underground, anyway?

It’s all led to this – the conclusion of Balakov’s plot, Jackie’s last chance at taking back his life, and the consequences of Hope’s Adventures Underground. Pick up the issue that concludes the monthly run of Hine and Haun’s incredible story, and witness as the fate of Jackie’s business – and his life – is settled once and for all! Will the world end with a bang, or a whimper?

See how it starts, in the preview below!

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