The Blue Mermaids Are Back in New “High School Fleet” OVA Preview

Attention, High School Fleet fans! If you’re waiting impatiently for the new OVA, we’ve got a little something to tide you over. Two minutes of footage from the new episode are now available to watch online:


High School Fleet OVA Preview by pKjd

The clip was released as a preview for the new episode, which drops next Wednesday. The OVA will also include a variety of goodies: a CD of audio dramas and character songs, SD character stickers, and booklets of bonus art and content.


High School Fleet follows the adventures of a group of young girls who long to become BLUE MERMAIDS — women who work maritime jobs in an alternate Japan where tectonic plate shifts have submerged much of Japan. The original series ran for 12 episodes, and also received a manga adaptation in Monthly Comic Alive.


The OVA consists of two episodes: “Coco Nosa in a Pinch!” and “Coco Nosa in a Pinch?!” (No, that’s not a typo — the second title is the first title with an added question mark.)


The High School Fleet OVA comes out May 24.


Source: pKjd




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