The Biggest Winners & Losers of The Walking Dead Season 7

The seventh season of The Walking Dead was rough for a lot of our characters. To help sum up who came out on top and who was shoved in a coffin with a cyanide pill listening to a first generation iPod, we compiled a list of the biggest winners and losers of Season 7.




Rick pulled a reverse Negan by starting the season at the bottom of the barrel and ending it stronger than ever standing alongside two new allied communities. After getting pushed down, humiliated, and overtaken, Rick rallied himself and everyone around him to mount an epic comeback against the seemingly invincible Negan.



In spite of Glenn’s horrific death, Maggie grew more this season than any other character. Following that tragedy she wisely re-located to The Hilltop and usurped Gregory’s sorry ass to become the leader that community desperately needed. Yes, she’s constantly haunted by Glenn’s death, but that only makes her stronger and one of the biggest winners in the season.



We know, it took Carol a minute to re-realize her purpose. We don’t blame her for waiting out the first half of the season in an adorable cottage while the apocalypse happened around her. But eventually with the help of Daryl Ezekiel Morgan she rediscovered her footing and persuaded Ezekiel to join her and Rick in the fight against Negan.



Ezekiel’s a winner for a plethora of reasons, including his hospitality towards Carol, Morgan, and Daryl, defiance of the Saviors, assistance to Rick’s crusade against the Saviors, and of course his pet tiger Shiva which saved Carl’s life. He and The Kingdom will be crucial for the upcoming war against Negan.



After suffering through endless loops of Easy Street and dog food sandwich lunches, Daryl miraculously escaped the Sanctuary’s clutches and (eventually) returned safely to Alexandria. He’s been through a lot this season, most notably the self-inflicted guilt about Glenn’s death. But after getting exonerated by Maggie, Daryl’s finally back and ready to fight.



Eugene may have betrayed Rick and sided with the man that literally bashed in the skull of his best friend, but you know what? We’re declaring Eugene a Season 7 winner. He transitioned from lowly coward to Savior oligarch in a matter of days. After getting captured by Negan Eugene suited back up in his fake doctor persona and quickly climbed the Savior ranks. PLUS, his plan with Sasha thwarted Negan’s plan entirely.



We’d be remiss if we failed to include Sherry on our winners list, since she had the wherewithal to realize how horrible her life was and got the hell out of dodge. She also managed to free Daryl and leave Dwight a closure note in the process. Congrats Sherry, you’re free.



In case you hadn’t noticed, this season of The Walking Dead had 100% more tigers than previous seasons. OK, it was just Shiva. But she provided more than enough evidence to prove that tigers CAN earn their place in the apocalypse.


Glenn & Abraham


The most obvious entries into the loser list are also the most tragic. Glenn and Abraham’s deaths carried enormous ramifications for the rest of the season and for better or worse led to the war against Negan and the Saviors.



Ruling over a landfill isn’t exactly the most cushy job in the apocalypse. Outside of living in literal garbage, Jadis is a loser all on her own. She surrendered to Negan, surrendered to the English language, and got bamboozled in the battle of Alexandria during the finale. We WILL give her credit for Winslow though, he’s dope.



Sasha’s flawed suicide mission to enact revenge against Negan ended predictably, with her suicide. Although that helped Rick overcome Negan’s attack, she ended up losing the love of her life and herself in the end.



Welp, if The Walking Dead’s taught us anything it’s being the moral compass is the most dangerous job in a zombie apocalypse. Are you a genuinely nice person who’s constantly trying to better the people around you while simultaneously stomping out injustices when you see them? Then congratulations, you’re probably dead.



Gregory’s essentially the Toby of The Walking Dead. He meddles into things and no one seems to like him. This season he briefly tried seizing back control of The Hilltop but was time and time again thwarted by Maggie until he eventually just left. Gregory’s as big of a loser as they come.




Negan *Adele voice* could have had it allllll…but he didn’t. He started the season strong – he was in complete autonomous control of The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and Alexandria. But by season’s end he surrendered power of all three communities and almost lost his life when they rebelled against him. Although he declared war against his exes he is now more vulnerable than ever. Not to mention one of his most loyal men is acting as a secret double agent for Rick.

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