Teleport Back To Work With Nightcrawler

Back To Work With Nightcrawler

It’s Monday, and that means that you’ve had to find the strength to shake off the after effects of a weekend well spent just to get back into shape for the weekday work-athon. It’s tough, sure, but it’s a fact of life–one that isn’t lost on super humans either. Yep, Mondays mean back to work for super heroes too, as they trade in their uniforms for something more business casual.

When you think of Nightcrawler, odds are you think of him as a swashbuckling mutant super hero first and foremost. While his role as an adventuring X-Man has kept him consistently busy since his debut back in 1975, the fuzzy elf has managed to take on a few other gigs in between world-saving missions.

Here’s a rundown of some of Kurt Wagner’s previous – and current – jobs. For a guy with the mutant power of teleportation, you’ll find that Nightcrawler sure does work from home a lot.

Before Wagner hooked up with the X-Men, his natural agility and eye-catching appearance made him a perfect fit for life in the circus. There he lived with his foster mother Margali Szardos and her daughter Jimaine while hiding in plain sight from a fearful human population. Crooked ringmasters and his foster mother’s own inclinations towards dark magic made his life in the circus tough at times, but the swashbuckler in him thrilled at the chance to delight audiences.

Nightcrawler’s always been a devout Catholic, and he took his faith up a notch during a hiatus from the X-Men when he attempted to become a priest. During this time, he shared leadership duties of the X-Men with the high-flying Angel. Kurt’s legitimacy as a priest would come into question in a storyline starting in UNCANNY X-MEN #428 – the same issue that introduced Nightcrawler’s demonic father, Azazel.

During the time that Nightcrawler spent in the afterlife, the X-Men shifted their focus towards instructing the next generation of mutants. Now that Kurt has come back from the dead, he’s taken on a job as a teacher at the Jean Grey School. He’s adjusted to his new role well, and he’s even become a quasi-mentor to a student named Rico.

The death of Wolverine hits Kurt hard this week in NIGHTCRAWLER #7