‘Tea Time’ Earns ‘Best In Show’ At Wizard World Film Festival In St. Louis

Tea_Time_Poster-630x340Below are the winning entries at the Wizard World Film Festival at St. Louis Comic Con, held last Friday and Saturday at America’s Center.

The Best Student Short, “Provocation,” earned director Lilton Stewart a $2,500 scholarship to the Los Angeles Film School, as part of the Wizard World Creative Success Scholarship, awarded at each Wizard World Film Festival event in 2014.

In “Provocation,” a detective who is responsible for the capture of a psychotic-genius serial killer takes the law into her own hands, after he is only given life in prison.

Other winners:

Best in Show – “Tea Time” Directed by J. Derek Howard
Set in the fanatic alternate history of the 1800s, Tea Time is a comedy that follows a conflicted mad scientist. Elizabeth is in a proper and strict world where inventors are held in high regard, but only ones that fit in. Her work has been rejected (again) and she has had it. Her Aunt Judith wants nothing more than for her to give up this foolishness, marry a proper gentleman and get out of her house (taking her machines with her). On this particular day Judith has a different potential suitor waiting for her. A man Elizabeth is somewhat familiar with.

Spirit Of Comic Con – “Forever Friends” Directed by Cory Byers, Kurt Simpson & Preston Gibson
A group of monster friends go on a vacation that ends in a way they didn’t see coming.

The Wizard World Film Festival continues at Minneapolis Comic Con, May 2-3.