Talking Butt Crime-Fighter Returns in “Oshiri Tantei” Youtube Short

A new episode is now available online for Oshiri Tantei (“Buttocks Detective”), an adaptation of the wildly popular series of children’s books by Troll about a talking butt who solves crimes.



Entitled “Mina to Machi no Tuk-Tuk Chase” (“Everyone in Town’s Tuk-Tuk Chase”), this episode is an original story spin-off from the “Iseki Kara no SOS” (“SOS from the Archaeological Ruins”) book. In the episode, the Buttocks Detective must rescue his assistant Brown when a purse-snatching accidentally turns into a kidnapping, resulting in frenzied chase in a slow-moving auto rickshaw.



The Oshiri Tantei short anime is directed by Megumi Ishitani and features animation by Toei Animation. Oshiri Tantei also features the voice talents of Yūko Sanpei, Ayaka Saitō, Takahiro Sakurai, and Ikkei Watanabe.


Source: Ota-suke


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