Takayuki Yamada & Yuichi Fukuda Attached to “Saint Young Men” TV Drama

Thanks to a “flying get” report making the rounds online, it has known been confirmed that actor Takayuki Yamada and director Yuichi Fukuda are attached to the upcoming live-action TV drama adaptation of Saint Young Men, a comedy manga by Hikari Nakamura that re-imagines Jesus Christ and Guatama Buddha living together as roommates in modern-day Tokyo.



Yamada is credited as producer for the project, while Fukuda is credited as writer / director. Additional details will be published in the February 2017 issue of Kodansha’s Morning Two seinen manga magazine, which will be published in Japan on December 22, 2016. Yamada and Fukuda have previously collaborated on The Brave Yoshihiko TV series.


Source: Otakomu


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