“Sword Art Online” Author Presents Latest “Material Edition” Doujinshi

WordGear was at Tokyo Big for the Comitia 114 doujinshi event last weekend with the 17th collection of Fumio Kunori’s Sword Art Online: Material Edition collection. What’s particularly notably about the Material Edition doujinshi is that creator Fumio Kunori is series author Reki Kawahara working under a pseudonym. Following the event, a consignment of the issues went on sale for mailorder at Toranoana




 Also, abec’s cover art for volume 4 of the Progressive  series, in which Kawahara goes back and adds detail to the SAO story has previewed. The book, telling the story of the 5th Floor of Aincrad, will be released December 10th.


Plot is described

Fifty two days have passed since ten thousand players were trapped in a death game, «Sword Art Online», where the death of one’s avatar would lead to a real death. The only way to escape this game – to defeat the boss on the top 100th floor of the giant castle «Aincrad», the stage of the game.

The current date is December 28, 2022. A little less than two months have passed since the log in when Kirito and Asuna, members of the clearer’s foremost line, arrived at the fifth floor. Differently from the fourth floor, which was greatly changed from the beta test and became a «waterway area», a «ruins area» that Kirito was already familiar with extended in front of them on the fifth floor.

In this area with maze-like streets and barely any natural objects like forests and rivers, Kirito and Asuna proceeded with the best «relic hunt» in the game, and continued earing items and cor. After temporarily returning to the fourth floor and receiving a «quest reward» from Yofilis, the lord of the dark elf castle, Kirito suggested clearing a small-scale «quest» generated in an underground cemetery below the town. Asuna agreed with the idea, but that is where her misfortune began. That is because monsters that the strong rapier-wielder Asuna is extremely bad at appear in this quest.

That’s right, speaking of cemeteries―― Can Asuna conquer her fear and clear the fifth floor……?

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